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Sheep Pictures:
We can now upload images of your sheep to the OPD. Information & criteria for the images are as follows:

  • High quality images only. Set your camera to the highest quality setting. Images must be the largest size possible and clear.
  • .jpg or .jpeg file extensions ONLY.
  • The image's orientation needs to be LANDSCAPE not portrait.
  • Send the original & do not crop your image. If any touch up or cropping needs to be done to the image, we will do it.
  • The sheep must be at least one (1) year old.
  • The sheep needs to be sheared or in short fleece.
  • A right or left side view only.
  • One (1) image per sheep only.
  • Only one (1) sheep in the image.
  • Be aware of the background and try to keep it "clean" so there are not any distracting objects in it.
  • When e-mailing the image, refer to the sheep in the image by its registration number found on its Certificate of Registration, ideally by renaming the image using the registration number, e.g. nabssar12578.jpg or nabssar6787oe.jpg.
  • Put your name/farm name/and the words OPD photo in the SUBJECT line and e-mail the image directly to Michelle Schubert at .

If one is familiar with manipulating images the MINIMUM to be to be sent to NABSSAR is 800 x 600 pixels with a file size of less than 2 Mbytes each.

PLEASE NOTE: If an image does not meet the criteria, it will not be uploaded.

Please Note:
This website displays data from a copy of the official NABSSAR registry database. The database is updated approximately quarterly. See below for the dates of the most recent database update as well as the next scheduled update. Any changes or additions made to the official registry database since the last update of the online database will not be reflected here.

Errors or Inconsistencies:
Occasional errors or inconsistencies may appear in the pedigree database due to initial breeder or registry recording errors. If you find an error in the information listed for one of your animals that you would like corrected, please report it to the and copy the site .

Database Updates:
Registration and Member data was copied from the Registry February 3, 2024.
Next update from the Registry is scheduled to be on or about May 1, 2024.